Tips for Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Beautiful eyes can mesmerise anyone. Round and big eyes always appreciated. So the women who have small eyes can make their look more attractive by following some important steps and keep some points in mind to make their eyes more eye catching. Charm of eyes always should be glowing and should be arresting.
Art of makeup can change the way you look with a very little efforts. Hope these small facts of eye makeup tips will help you.
Eyebrows: Let them rise
·        Make your eyebrows thicker from the start and thinner at the end.
·        Give them a lift, bow type look.
Eyeliner: Enhance your eyes
·        The inner rim of your lower lash can make a huge difference in makeup look. So just do not line the inner rim of lower eyelashes.
·        To give bigger look to the eyes, need to line the outer rim of the lower eyelashes with a small gap in liner and waterline.
·        For bigger eyes, line the lower lash’s inner rim and corners with while liner or a light color liner.
Eye Shadow: Color them for style
·        Always play with the light colors like pink, cream, gold silver, green. it will give a wider look to your eyes. Use some glitters also.
·        Avoid using dark shadows like black, dark blue and brown etc.
·        Apply white or silver eye shadow to the under of eyebrow’s arc, it will broaden your eye space and make your eye look round and bigger.
Mascara: A little bit of fun
·        Before applying the mascara curls both upper and lower eye lashes it also makes your eye look bold and beautiful.
·        Apply soft coat to lower eyelashes and dark on upper eyelashes.
Hope these tips would help you to make your eyes bold and beautiful. Please put a comment, would like to hear the feedback.
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